Flowers are delicately beautiful and unbelievably powerful. The scent of a flower can captivate and awaken the most nostalgic memories.

When planning a special occasion, flowers are at the top of almost every list. Flowers, even simply their scent, help us look back and remember our momentous occasions, the history of our families and perhaps what the future holds. As a designer, in Southeastern Connecticut, for more than a decade, my goal is to create a day that is breathtaking with color, simplicity and fabulous FLOWERS!

From weddings, birthdays, holiday events, religious occasions, funerals and much more, I build flowers to fit every occasion. I believe flowers create depth where it’s needed, smiles when they’re wanted, and awe when life deals an unbearable outcome. With a tinge of color and an unforgettable aroma, I will work with you to construct a lasting memory for years to come. With that said, I look forward to hearing from you.

Flora Flora travels to MA, RI, NY and all parts of Connecticut.

Flora Flora

Mystic, CT. 06355

T: 860.501.2810   F: 860.572.2962



Making your Event Come Alive with Flowers